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Customized private tour in Moscow

Make the most of your visit to Moscow with our fully customizable private tour. Choose what you want to see and when, and our expert managers will help you put together your perfect itinerary. Highly professional private tour guides, expert Moscow drivers and fast-track admission to museums will make your trip to Moscow a truly memorable one!


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  • Alexander's Garden
  • Arbat Street
  • Armory of Moscow Kremlin
  • Bolshoi Theater
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • Cold War Bunker
  • Gorky Park
  • GUM
  • House of Boyars Romanovs
  • Izmailovo Arts & Crafts Market
  • Kilometer Zero
  • Kremlin
  • Lenin's Mauseoleum
  • Lubyanskaya Square and the KGB Office Building
  • Manezhnaya Square
  • Moscow Metro
  • Moscow State University Building
  • Muzeon park
  • Novodevichy Convent
  • Red Square
  • Russian Diamond Fund
  • Sparrow Hills
  • St. Basil's Cathedral
  • Stalin's 7 sister buildings
  • Tsar Bell
  • Tsar Cannon
  • VDNH park
  • Victory Park
  • Yeliseev Store

The garden is named after the Russian emperor Alexander the 1st. It appeared when Moscow was rebuilt after the war with Napoleon. The garden is located on the place of the Neglinka river, currently hidden underground, which protected the fort’s walls. The most important memorial of the garden is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the eternal flame – Russia’s most important WW2 memorial.

25 min

Arbat is a pedestrial street in the heart of Moscow, full with the old city charm. Every house has its own history and life.  It’s the place full of life and energy with the street bands, playing music, coffee shops, street artists, souvenir stalls, museums and unusual memorials. Arbat is a great place to enjoy your time, full with the old Moscow spirit and atmosphere.

1,5 hour

The Armory of Moscow Kremlin isn’t just the collection of weapons. It’s a large museum with such relics as the Golden Cap (Russian official crown before Peter the Great), wedding dress of Catherine the Great, unique double throne chair for Peter the Great and his brother, weddings gifts of Ivan the Terrible and many others.

1 hour

Bolshoi means Big. And it is really one of the biggest theaters of Russia. It appeared here after the war with Napoleon on the spot of the first Moscow Theater. The best ballet and opera performances are shown here. The theater is large, so the performances are shown on the historical stage, the new stage (located on the same square), and the Beethoven concert hall, located in the main building.

15 min

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is a massive white chruch with the golden dome, built on the high hill by the Moscow river. The current church is the 1997 recionstruction of the old 1883 cathedral, turned down by the Bolsheviks after the revolution. The place was selected by Stalin as a location for the Congress palace, intended to be the tallest building in the world. The project wasn't completed, but the place was turned into the year round swimming pool with the special water heating. The contemporary church is large and impressive.

30 min

The unique Cold War memorial - secret government bunker can be visited nowdays. It has been open to public as a Cold War museum. Bunker is located 60 meters under the ground, deeper than the metro of Moscow, designed to protect the government members from any nuclear threat. The museum shows the real equipment of 1950th, the bunler life details, the unique office, designed for Stalin and many other Cold War artifacts.

The bunker is located deep under the ground and can be accessed by stairs or the small elevator. Please be avare of this when you plan the visit.

1,5 hours

Gorky Park is a largest city park of Moscow. It became known after the Perestroyka with the song by Scorpions "Wind of change". Gorky park now is a large green area in the center of the busy city, loved by the locals. It's a very popular place for the outdoor sports, afternoon walks, or just some quite time with a local ice-cream.

1 hour

GUM is a large mall, located on the Red Square. The first high end shopping mall appeared here at the times of Catherine the Great and since than it was the place for the most luxurious shopping. The current building appeared in the end of 19th century. You can find special ice-cream stalls or the traditional Soviet sparkling water kiosks inside. The galleries of GUM are always decorated according to the season. You can find brands like Prada, Chanel, Gucci etc inside.

15 minutes

Before the Romanovs became the emperors of Russia in 1613, they were the very rich and prominent family of Moscow. Romanovs owned the large area a block away from Kremlin. The small white house is the only structure remaining of what used to be a large estate. Now you can see the way the people lived in 17th century in the rooms of this house.

1 hour

Spend the crazy afternoon shopping at the Izmailovo market – the famous place to get the best deal on the matryoshkas, Russian scarfs, balalaikas, amber, military hats, KGB artifacts, Lenin statues, Faberge replicas, and may other. 

1 hour

Kilometer Zero is a bronze mark that symbolizes the starting point of all Russian roads, placed in 1996. The actual kilometer zero, used for the measurements of distances, is located 430 meters north-west, by the Central Telegraph building. The symbolic mark is located at a more tourist friendly spot and symbolized that all Russian roads begin at the Red square.

10 minutes

Kremlin began as an ancient fortress, which became the historical and cultural center of the country and the office of the president of Russia. A large part of the Kremlin grounds is open for the tourists. The main attractions are the old cathedrals, where Russian tsars from Ivan the Terrible to Nicholas 2nd were crowned (1 cathedral inside visit), as well as Russia’s largest bell and cannon.

1 hour

Mauseoleum is a memorial building on the Red Square by the Kremlin wall. It's the largest memorial to the Soviet leaders cult. You can actually see the body on Lenin inside, still displayed decades after his death in 1924. Mauseoleum was one of Red square's main points of interest in the Soviet time. It is still used as a presidential observation spot during the parades on the Red square. 

The mauseoleum is open for the private visitors free of charge daily 10.00 to 13.00 (except Mondays and Fridays). No large bags or cameras of any kind are allowed indide. No organized tours or pre-booked visits are possible. 

from outside

Lubyanskaya square is located not far from Kremlin and the Bolshoi thater. The square is known for the ex-KGB building, located there, surrently occupied by its successor FBS. The building was the center of the political opressions in the early Soviet time. The part of the building was used as a special prison. Among the prisoners were Solzhenitsin, Bukharin, Mandelshtam and others. Solovetskiy stone, brough from one of the most famous prison camps has been put on the square as a memorial to all innocent victims.

20 min

Manezhnaya (Manege) square is large square near the Alexander’s garden named after Manege – the large structure, currently used for exhibitions. The huge underground mall was constructed here in 1990th, so now it’s a great place for the easy walk or rest. There is a long fountain complex between the square and the garden, inspired by the characters of the Russian fairy tales.

20 minutes

Build deep into the ground, Moscow metro is richly decorated with marble and mosaics, looking as the real palaces under the ground. The first stations date back to 1935. Each station is different and each is a piece of art, yet used daily by millions of people as a part of city complex transport network. 

30 min

Moscow State University main building is an impressive edifice, located on the top of Sparrow hills - highest in Moscow. Moscow University is one of the oldest and most respected schools of the country, which currently ranks among 30 best schools of the world. It is one of Stalin's 7 sister buildings, constructed in early 1950th. The buiding houses the large lecture rooms, main meeting room, auditoriums, post office, dormitories, canteen and many more. The building of Moscow state university was the main symbol of 1980th Olympics.

15 min

Muzeon traces its history to the times of Perestroyka, when the statues of the communist leaders were taken down in many cities. The deserted park by the river was turned into the "graveyard" for the not needed memorials. After the grand reconstruction in 2011 the Muzeon park incorporated the open air paintings market and became the comfortable park with the great atmosphere. It isn't a "graveyard" anymore, rather a "retirement resort" for the communist statues, mixed with 21st century sculpture, a great place to spend the afternoon walking the green roads or enjoying the panorama of the Moscow river banks from the comfortable seat by the fountain.

40 minutes

It's a very large monastery in the center of Moscow, founded in 1524 by Bazil 3rd, the father of Ivan the Terrible. Bazil was also the first person in Russian history who sent his 1st wife to the monastery to obtain the right to marry for the 2nd time. It was his 2nd wife Elena Glinskaya, who became Ivan the Terrible's mother. Later the monastery became the home to many sisters and wifes of Russian tsars, including Lopuhina, Peter the Great's first wife. The monastery is colorful and beautiful. There is a large cemetery next to it, where one can find the graves of Boris Eltsin and Raisa Gorbacheva.

1,5 hour

Red in Old Russian also stands for beautiful. So this name marks the beauty of the square, rather than the color of the Kremlin walls or the Soviet history. The Red square is beautiful by day or by night framed by the GUM building and the tall Kremlin wall

20 min

Diamond fund is the official treasury of Russia, like the Tower of London. It’s the official state vault, which has the special museum do display the most precious and unique pieces. You can see the largest raw diamonds, as well as cut diamonds with the centuries long history of the high estate owners. A special room features the royal regalia of Russia and most valuable jewelry of the tsars.

40 min

Sparrow (Vorobyovy) Hills is the 80 meter high bank of the Moscow river, located at the spectacular river band. It is popular for the best panorama of the city of Moscow, seen from the observation point there. You can see the contemporary towers of the Moscow city business district, Stalin's 7 sister skyscrapers, Novodevichiy convent somplex, Luzhniki sport arens - the main stadium of Moscow 1980 Olympics, the red towers of Kremlin in the distance and many more. The hills are crowned by the impressive structure of Moscow University.

15 min

Beautiful and ornate St. Basils is what you think is Russia. Dating to the times of Ivan the Terrible, this church is a true decoration of the Red square, which creates the unique Russian feel there. Unlike the similar church is St. Petersburg, St. Basil’s inside is a network of the small chapels, each dedicated to the different saint or holiday.

Please note the church has numerous stairs with high steps.

30 minutes

7 tall skyscrapers, constructed in the different parts of Moscow in 1948-1957 are often called the 7 sisters. The buildings are different, yet similar in style with the tall towers, impressive neo-classical architecture and Soviet symbols decoration. The buildings are different in function - most famous one houses the Moscow state University, 2 are the hotels - Urkaina by Radisson and Hilton, 2 more are offices and 2 are residential buildings.

1 hour

Tsar Bell is the largest bell in the world. It weights 202 tonns (445 000 pounds). The bell was created for the bell tower of Kremlin, but was damaged in fire 2 years later. The section of the bell broke off, all attempts to fix it were unseccessfull, so it was decided to put it on display as a memorial.

10 min

Tsar Cannon is the largest cannon in Russia and it can shoot the largest cannon balls (890 mm) in the worls. It's listed in the Guinness book of records. The cannon was created in 1586 in Moscow. It was originally intended for the military needs of Kremlin, but was never used in the battle, but was rather displayed to impress the visitors and it still does now.

10 min

VDNH appeared and the agricultural expo in 1930th. Over the years in gradually evolved into the main USSR exhibition center, where the different regions showed the best they can offer. After the Perestroyka and the fall of the USSR, the area became the public park for locals. The pavilions, that used to celebrate the Soviet state glory became the contemporary mutlimedia museums and cozy restaurants. The central walkway is turned into the Europe's largest skating ring every winter. 

1,5 hour

Victory park is Russia's largest complex dedicated the the WW2 victory. The park surrounds the WW2 museum and memorial obelisk, dedicated to the victory. The exciting part of the park is the unique outdoor exhibition of the military machinery, boats, airplanes etc.

40 minutes

Yeliseev store is the most known grocery shop of Russia. It's located on the Tverskaya street, few blocks from the Red square. Yeliseev family built their fortune on the imported goods, like fruit, olive oil, tea, coffee, vine. It was the first large supermarket type shop of the family, opened in what was the most luxerious part of Moscow. It was followed by no less impressive shop in St. Petersburg.

40 min

Detailed Program

Time Description
Meeting place: Daily, in the lobby of your hotel
09:00, 09:30, 10:00 or 10:30 Meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel. The guide will have a sign with your name on it.

According to your pre-selected museum preferences, your guide will already have a fully customized tour program which you will follow during your private exploration of Moscow. 


ULKOtours will pre-order all your museum admissions to guarantee your tours and minimize waiting time in lines. We care about our clients and want to make sure their tour time is used wisely and effectively.

   We will happily customize each tour to include the sights that interest you most and will provide skip-the-line admission and special arrangements to maximize your experience.
 8 hours later Each day your tour will end at the location of your choosing - either back at your hotel or anywhere in the city where you desire to stay after the tour.
Evening tours We will be happy to assist you with planning your evening activities, like attending Russian Ballet, Russian Folk-show or taking a cruise down the Moskva river with spectacular views and a delicious dinner.


  • Professional tour guide 
  • Choose your language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Mandarin
  • Other languages are available on request
  • Comfortable a/c vehicle with a private driver
  • Admissions to selected museums with Skip-the-line where available
  • Audio head-sets for groups over 6 people to hear the guide clearly
  • Smiles and positive experience

NOT Included

  • Food & drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Evening entertainment (can easily be arranged on request, too)
Suitable for people with limited walking ability and wheelchair users.


  • The benefits of a private customized tour is that we can plan anything! 
  • Realize your tour dreams and make your visit to Moscow a perfect one! 
  • Skip waiting lines, learn interesting facts, explore off the beaten track places!
  • Our professional private tour guides are highly experienced in dealing with the most sophisticated clients, families with little children, clients with special needs and those needing special assistance.
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