Jewish Heritage of Riga Private Shore Excursion

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Jewish Heritage of Riga Private Shore Excursion

Meet your guide and driver by the ship and start Riga sightseeing tour by bus with overview of Jewish history and sites. 


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  • Daugava Embankment
  • House of the Blackheads
  • National Opera
  • Old Town of Riga
  • Cat House
  • Riga Castle
  • Riga Cathedral
  • Statue of Roland
  • The Three Brothers
  • Art Nouveau Museum
  • Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum

This spectacular river embankment is a great place to enjoy an afternoon walk. The Western bank of the river has contemporary buildings, including the elegant wave of the National Library. The Eastern bank has the Old town buildings, including the Town Hall square with the House of the Blackheads. The significant landmark of the embankment is the statue of St. Christopher, hidden in the glass box, which is a famous lucky charm of the town.

20 min

House of the Blackheads is an impressive colorful structure on the Town Hall square. It belonged to the society of merchants and ship owners, formed in the 15th century in the Baltics. The current exterior of the building dates back to the middle of the 17th century. 

10 min

The Latvian National Opera building is home to the National Opera company, which also includes the National Ballet, Chorus, and Orchestra. Formerly the German theater, the building is the 1883 post-fire reconstruction of the 1863 structure. The locating for the opera was determined during the grand new city planning in 1860th when Riga changed its status from the fort at the Russian border to the local, regional center. The old fort's walls were turned down, giving way to the wide streets and beautiful buildings.

10 min

Old Town of Riga is famous for its cathedrals, old buildings, churches. Take a walk through the labyrinth of the narrow brick streets, enjoying the colorful buildings, little shops, and delicious restaurants. See the famous Dome square and cathedral, Castle with the Castle square, Town Hall, house of the Blackheads, and others.

30 min

The Cat House is the most distinct building of the Old Riga with the two statues of the angry-looking cats on the top of the building's towers. There are lots of legends about the origin of these symbols, and historians still debate about the true one. And the cats are watching the city from the tower tops.

10 min

The current castle dates back to 1515. It was the Livonian order residence, currently occupied by the president of Latvia. The castle is an impressive structure with the white walls, massive towers, and a red roof. After the 2013 fire, the castle is closed for renovation till the end of 2018.

40 min

The cathedral is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Latvia and is featured in or the subject of paintings, photographs, and television travelogues. Like all of the ancient churches of the city, it is known for its weathercock on the top. It was built in 1211 on the high Daugava bank. The cathedral has the 2nd largest organ in Latvia. You can visit the regular organ concerts in the cathedral.

25 min

A Roland statue is a statue of a knight with a drawn sword, signifying the town privileges of a medieval city, often associated with the Hanseatic Trade League. It's placed it the heart of the old town. Roland was respected as a patron of the trade; people came to his statue, seeking health, fortune, wealth

10 min

The Three Brothers introduce us to the traditional architecture of the medieval Riga. These are the oldest residential complex in the city. The White brother with the gothic steps on the roof is the oldest one with the unique stone benches at the door. The Middle brother is also middle of age. It features the Dutch architectural Mannerism with elegant window tops and an unusual roof. The Green brother is the youngest. It features the strict but charming early baroque with the traditional Gable. The name was inspired by the "3 sisters" in Tallinn, which are the similar old buildings, standing next to each other.

10 min

The subtle but elegant northern art nouveau can be seen on many streets or Riga, with most buildings created by Konstantīns Pēkšēns, local architect. The quarter between AlbertStrēlniekuAntonijas, and Dzirnavu streets is famous for the most elegant art nouveau structures, where every next building is more impressive. The art nouveau museum is located right there, in the former apartment of Konstantīns Pēkšēns. It can be recognized from far away by the tall tower above the front of the house. The museum features the stunning room interiors, and its spiral staircase is one of the most impressive in all Europe.

40 min

The Riga Ghetto and Holocaust museum is a courtyard between Maskavas and Krasta streets. Its main feature is an ominously long wall covered with the names of victims of the Holocaust in Latvia. You can also look at Nazi propaganda, horrifying photos of tortured bodies, stills of ghetto life, and grainy black and whites of old synagogues across the country, most of which no longer exist. There is also a little wooden house, like many other houses in Ghetto. Inside are the cubes that tell the stories of people who were murdered in WW2 times.

1 hour

Detailed Program

Time Description
Meeting time: Specified by your manager after booking
00:00 - 00:10 Meet your guide and driver by the ship and start Riga sightseeing tour by bus with overview of Jewish history and sites.

Driving along the scenic Daugava riverbank, we will admire the medieval heart of Riga, the Old Town. We will take a stroll through the magnificent squares and medieval streets of this Hanseatic merchants town. On our way we will see the Town Hall and House of Blackheads. Our next stop is at the Synagogue - a unique building with a fascinating history to discover right in the middle of the town.


Leaving the city center behind, we will now head to discover a period in time, where the most beautiful houses in Riga were built in art nouveau style. The Art Nouveau Museum exhibits the best of it in a charming and inviting way.

  Thereafter, Riga Ghetto and Holocaust museum visit (Note: donation required) is a moving window back in time laid on the very stones that paved the streets of the nearby ghetto not that long ago.
  After the driving part you will continue the day with a Short Old Town walking tour to explore the best of Riga.
  The tour includes some free time for shopping and roundtrip transfer from cruise port.
05:00 At the end of the tour you will be taken back to the ship.
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  • Professional tour guide for 5 hrs 
  • Pick-up from port by comfortable a/c bus appropriate for the group size
  • Coffee break
  • Guided walking City center tour
  • Drop-off at the port by bus (if you wish you may remain in the city and come back by taxi)
  • Admission to Art Nuveau Museum (will be substituted by the Dome Church visit on Mondays)
  • Admission to Synagogue
  • Smiles and positive experience
  • Tips/Gratuity
  • Lunch or snacks
  • Camera pass where applicable
  • Donations at Ghetto and Holocaust museum & Occupation Museum
  • Other languages are available on request. A surcharge might apply. Please inquire with our managers.
NOT suitable for people with limited walking ability and wheelchair users.
Please don't be late to meet your guide as your tour will be shortened proportionally.

IMPORTANT:  Waiting time for late passengers is limited to 15 minutes.

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