Tips & Tricks When Visiting Russia

by Elena on December 2, 2018

Russia, as any country, has its own traditions, customs and local tips. Coming from an article on Insider, from an American citizen, who has lived in Moscow for around 4 months, we are now publishing some tricks for any US citizen coming to the Russian Federation.

  1. Get a local SIM for your smartphone.

The prices for cellular services in Russia are extremely low in comparison to the US. Here, a month of unlimited LTE internet connection with 500 minutes to call anyone in Russia will cost you around 6 USD.  High-speed internet in the major cities is available almost everywhere, sometimes excluding subway – due to obvious reasons. NB! To buy a SIM-card, you will need a valid passport & registration

      2. Bringing a powerbank can be helpful.

It is not a stereotype – sometimes it is indeed freezingly cold in Russia. November, December, January, February and even March are associated with winter season in this Northern-European country. Your iPhone, most probably, is not ready for such a torture and that is why it will leave you without a connection to your Instagram account after around 3 hours of working in cold conditions. That is why a powerbank will save your life online and will keep your Stories feed updated.

      3. You’d better learn some phrases in Russian.

Yes, many cities are globalized enough to sell you English-led tours, however, you may be tricked by local taxi drivers, who will be happy to charge you x4 times for an airport trip. Normally, this costs US$ 25, but after a “Do you speak English?” phrase the cost may rise up to US$ 100.

     4. Take advantage of Yandex services.

Yandex is an IT company, founded and based in Russia. It has developed its own Maps system, its own translator and even its Taxi service. Yandex. Taxi is now even integrated with Uber on all of the post-soviet territory, including Russia. Yandex. Maps along with Yandex. Translator work so much better than Google services in Russian reality – and all of these are translated into English. So, if you do not get some free time to learn Russian, download Yandex apps.

     5. If you are invited to someone’s house, do not forget to take your shoes off.

It is a typical mistake for every Western citizen coming to Russia – many people forget to take their shoes off. Russians are very serious about cleanliness of their houses, and the bottoms of your shoes are normally quite filthy after a walk in the snow or mud.


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