The Most Important Exhibitions Of This Winter in St.Petersburg

by Elena on December 10, 2018

Winter seems to be one of the most depressive times of the year in Russia. You only normally only enjoy a couple of daylight hours, whilst the night usually lasts around 15-20 hours. However, we here at UlkoTours have managed to find a perfect way to spend your evening free time when it’s dark – a visit to a museum! Here is a Top-5 of this winter’s exhibitions in the museums in the city on the Neva.

Piero della Francesca

The main exhibition of this winter in the Hermitage. are the 11 paintings by Piero della Francesca – an outstanding Italian artist. It may seem that there are quite a few exhibits, but in reality this is the largest exhibition of della Francesca whenever held outside Italy. Piero della Francesca’s works became world famous only in the middle of the 19th century, thanks to which most of the works are now kept in Italian provincial museums and rarely leave their limits. Among the most interesting works that were brought to St. Petersburg are the three doors of the five-part altar which has been spread around the world. The altar has initially been created for the monastery of St. Augustine – they are being taken from museums in London, Lisbon and Milan – the Madonna Senigallia from the National Gallery in Urbino, a children’s portrait of the future the tyrant Umbria Guidobaldo da Montefeltro from the collection of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, as well as four manuscripts, including the treatise On Perspective in Painting, written by the artist.

WHEN? December 7 – March 10
WHERE: The State Hermitage Museum (Palace Square, 2)

Radical fluidity. The grotesque in art

An exhibition dedicated to the grotesque in art will be opened inside the Museum of XXth-XXIst century art in Saint-Petersburg. This large-scaled project contains about 300 works painted by more than 100 authors from Russia, France, Italy, Germany, USA, China and other countries. At the entrance to the museum, visitors are greeted by the by a Sergey Borodkin’s installation named “PapaWok” with acrobats in striped bathing suits, setting up a cheerful mood, but it seems that the grimy scenes will predominate on the exposition itself. During this exhibition, Tatiana Nazarenko’s “The Meal” will be showcased. In this painting in a company of fanged vampires in costumes is preparing to gobble up the young artist. The “Ukrainian” will come for the first time to the city on Neva by Anatoly Osmolovsky’s was first presented to the public during the “Hurray! Sculture!” expo in Moscow a few years ago.

WHEN? December 7 – February 17
WHERE? St. Petersburg Museum of Art of the XX – XXI centuries (103 Griboedov Canal Embankment)

Do not believe your eyes. Faux Art

Until March, an exhibition dedicated to artistic illusions and imitations will be opened inside the Small Hermitage’s Manezh. The organizers promise to show a huge collection of objects created with an idea to deceive the audience’s perception of art. Here you will find a “joke” made on the Penza’s Crystal Fabrique – the exhibition showcases real-life hyper-realistic images of flies and butterflies which can not be distinguished from the real insects. Or, here’s the Still Life teaset originally confectioned on the Imperial Porcelain Factory At first, it seems to be a fruit platter, so you need to take a closer look to understand that two apples are actually real teacups and pineapple is a sugar bowl. The exhibition will also feature many unusual paintings such as the works by a Swiss artist Johann Füssli from the 18th century. His artworks present many imitations: imitation of wood which can be seen as paper, imitation of furniture which combines into architecture. Füssli’s artworks also include a number of various fabrics, porcelain, silver and glass artworks.

WHEN? December 8 – March 10
WHERE? The State Hermitage Museum (Palace Square, 2)

Alan Khatagty. Focal length

Alan Khatagty, a graduate of the Vladikavkaz Art School and the Stieglitz Academy in St.Petersburg, being a part of the “Nepokorennye” art studio, was previously interested in non-existing stuff. He was the one to create drawings and sculptures of fictional animals. Alan has also made 3D-models of antimatter, in which the shapeless whitish mass disappeared in the mirrorish smooth surface. His first personal exhibition in the “New Museum” will showcase his drawing talent: presented portraits and genre-connected pictures refer to classical painting, and at the same time they are also stained with gaps and multi-colored pixels.

WHEN? December 12 – January 20
WHERE? “The New Museum” (6th line of Vaslievsky Island., 29)

Vladimir Sychev. From the Soviet era to the great fashion designers

In the 70s, Vladimir Sychev, as it seemed, was taking very personal type of photos, the everyday, sometimes rather unsightly street life of Moscow. He has also made portraits of his friends who weren’t widely recognized artists. In the 80s, Sychev emigrated to France and miraculously managed to take his personal photo archive with him. Thanks to this, his soviet-styled pictures have been printed in almost all of the world’s largest magazines, including Paris Match, Stern, Oggi and Life. Vladimir worked for Vogue and Sipa Press, has filmed fashion shows & advertisements for famous fashion designers. The photographer’s first retrospective in St. Petersburg is built on a spectacular contrast: scenes of Soviet life will coexist in the exhibition with portraits of world fashion and art figures – Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo Takada, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Helmut Newton and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

WHEN? December 15 – Feburary 10
WHERE? Rosfoto  (B. Morskaya, 35)

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