Street-Art Museum – a unique open-air museum in Russia

by Elena on August 13, 2018

If you want to experience something off-the-beaten-tourist-track when visiting St. Petersburg, Russia , we welcome you to an unusual museum far from the city center. It occupies a huge territory of nearly 10.000 sq.m. or nearly 110.000 sq.ft. on the Vyborgskaya side.

Street-Art museum features an open-air exhibition showcasing graffiti painted by well-known artists from all over the world.

Although it’s far from the city center, it is really worth visiting if you want to see something besides palaces and churches. The location makes this place a real retreat without crowds and noisy tourists.

The museum was founded in 2014 and had already been open for 2 summer seasons. Founders of this unique place decided to open it at the former laminated plastics confection factory, that is why it is also full of post-soviet atmosphere combined with colorful graffiti paintings.

Street-art museum in Saint Petersburg has grabbed the attention of local & international media. Thus, The Guardian has written:

The venue also provides street artists with the opportunity to work experimentally in forms they have never used before, and the space to create work that won’t immediately be disregarded as disposable?” in their article.

The 2018 exhibition is called “The Wonderland of Street-Artia”. Works by artists from Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, United States and Russia are all about contemporary myths. Every participant of the exhibition has constructed a multi-layered reality on the intersection of different views on contemporary mythology.

Excursions to this museum are being held in English and Russian, a guide will cost you around 400RUB per person. Tours are planned every Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm, you should register yourself on the Museum’s website prior to visiting.

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