Long-lived Russian Rulers

by Iuliia Kharlamova on June 19, 2019

Do you know who ruled the Russian state for the longest period? We here at ULKO Tours have prepared for you a short list of 5 Russian rulers who did it. Read the article and check yourself!

1. Ivan IV (The Terrible)   

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50 years 105 days

The most bloodthirsty among Russian rulers, Ivan became the Tsar at the age of three. Actually, the regents run the country during his childhood. Only at the age of 15, Ivan started to rule himself. He could rule even more if he didn’t die at the age of 53.

2.  Ivan III    

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43 years 119 days 

Ivan III went down in history as “a gatherer of the Russian lands”. Also, he tripled the territory of Russia and ended the dominance of the Mongols / Tatars over the state. But, his contemporaries described him as a power-hungry ruler with the tyrannical governance.

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Ivan III was married to Sophia Palaiologina. She was a Byzantine princess and niece of the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI. Due to this marriage the political concept “Moscow is the Third Rome” appeared.

3. Peter I (The Great)

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42 years 181 days

Officially, Peter became the Russian ruler at the age of 10. But in reality the situation was complex. His older brother Ivan V was his co-ruler. And their sister, Tsarina Sophia Alekseyevna run the country. Only at the age of 17 Peter the Great managed to escape from extra notice.

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Peter I went down into history both as the founder of new capital, St. Petersburg, and as the first Emperor of Russia.

4. Catherine II (The Great)

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34 years 128 days

Catherine the Great is one of the most popular Russian rulers. She became the Russian Tsarina at the age of 33 after the overthrow of her husband, Emperor Peter III. However, Catherine was not a member of the Romanov dynasty.

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Catherine II lived longer than any of Romanovs. She passed away at the age of 67. 

5. Vladimir The Great (Saint Vladimir of Kiev)

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c. 960 – 1015

37 years 34 days 

Christianization of the Kievan Rus’ is the merit of Vladimir. They say, Vladimir had a big family – 13 sons and at least 10 daughters.

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