Get Ready to Fly… in St. Petersburg!

by Elena on January 14, 2014

st petersburg flystation indoor skydiving things to do in st pitesIf you’re not already sick of flying after arriving in St. Petersburg then you might want to consider taking the kids to one of the latest attractions the city has to offer. The FlyStation is an indoor skydiving simulator that uses immense amounts of wind power to create a wind tunnel in which you can safely experience the joy of flying without having to leap out of a plane.

Fun for the Kids in St. Petersburg

Kids get to wear cool costumes (it’s really safety gear, shhh!) and quickly find out how to hold their body so that they too can fly in the wind tunnel. Open for kids aged 4-15, this is a great way to introduce your children to what has become a professional sport in recent years. When the kids are bored of museum line-ups and art galleries, palaces, historic tea rooms, and canal tours you can stay nice and warm indoors and watch the expert handlers teach them to fly!

Celebrating its first year of operations late last year, FlyStation houses one of the world’s largest wind tunnels, with a diameter of 4.3m and a height of 17m, producing wind speeds of up to 300km/h. The instructors like to put on a bit of a show for visitors, sometimes doing choreographed displays with four people in the tunnel together!

Talented Instructors

FlyStation boasts the Russian national team winning various medals in the 2-way and 4-way discipline, making this a great place to go simply to watch them train. It’s also really quite something to watch the immensely talented kids, and teens learn to do somersaults and mid-air dance moves. If you’re always telling your kids that the sky’s the limit this place can really hammer that idea home.

An Alternative Corporate Function in St. Pite’s?

No special training is needed and all safety gear is provided. What’s more, the center takes bookings for birthdays and corporate functions so if you’re in St. Petersburg on a business trip consider getting your conference-goers to skip the post-speech drinks in favor of a spot of flying.

FlyStation can be found near Kapitolovo Station, and can be reached by buses 627, 619 or 621 from Devyatkino metro station to Kuzmolovo. Ask Ulko Tours for more information about adding this fun adventure into your tour of St. Petersburg.

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