Dutch food. Part 2

by Iuliia Kharlamova on August 30, 2019

This is the second part of TOP 5 meals you might to try while you are in Holland. We here at ULKO Tours prepared it to make your choice easier.

Because there are so many delicious dishes to try!

1. Rookworst

You can find “rookworst” in every supermarket all around Holland. We here at ULKO Tours recommend you to eat “rookworst” with “stamppot”. “Rookworst” is a Dutch smoked sausage with a taste comparable to a hotdog. But “rookworst” is bigger and the skin of it is a bit crispier. Try one on a bun with mustard.

2. Erwtensoep / snert 

The Dutch consider that well-made “erwtensoep” should be so thick that your spoon should stay vertically in it. “Erwtensoep” is a pea soup made of split peas, celery, leeks, carrots and pork. It is a very thick soup that is traditionally eaten during the winter. “Erwtensoep” is often eaten with rye bread with a type of Dutch bacon, called ‘katenspek’. Or you can try “erwtensoep” with slices of ‘rookworst’. 

3. Patat

Patat” is the Dutch version of French Fries, but in Holland they are thicker. “Patat” is typically served in a paper cone or box. The Dutch really like the with a lot of toppings — mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, curry or peanut sauce. The most famous combination of topping is “patatje oorlog” (“fries at war”). This is a combination of mayonnaise, raw chopped onions and peanut sauce. It is very tasty, but doesn’t look that way.

4. Hagelslag

The Dutch love “hagelslag”. Young and old love them for breakfast or lunch. “Hagelslag” is a sandwich filling of sprinkles. “Chocolate hagelslang” (chocolate sprinkles) are the most popular ones. Other varieties are anise (licorice) seed ‘hagelslag’ or fruit flavored ‘hagelslag’.

5. Pannenkoeken

Pannenkoeken” are common all around the world. But Dutch pancakes are made of milk, flour, eggs and eaten preferably for dinner. “Pannenkoeken” are larger and thinner that the American pancakes, but thinner than a French crêpe. The Dutch pancakes are topped with different items like slices of bacon, cheese, apple or raisins. Anyone can enjoy a “pannenkoeken”. One of the best ways of eating a pancake in Amsterdam is by taken the special pancake boat — pannenkoekenboot”.


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