Copenhagen, an exceptional Nordic pearl

by Iuliia Kharlamova on September 16, 2019

Denmark is a miniature kingdom called the Pearl of the Scandinavian Peninsula. And it is no coincidence because, in a small territory of this fabulous country, real treasures of culture and history are concentrated.

Denmark along with Copenhagen, its capital, has recently become very popular among tourists and cruises. Let’s get to know the country better!

World’s oldest flag, the Danish Dannenbrog

The flag of Denmark or the Danish Dannenbrog is a red cloth with a white cross. The Danish Dannebrog is the oldest existing state flag on Earth. According to the legend, the flag appeared among the Danes at the very beginning of the 13th century.

Poker loss leads to the loss of the Faroe Island

The Faroe Islands used to belong to Norway. These Islands were lost after the King of Norway lost them to poker to the King of Denmark.

The first European country with legal same-sex marriages 

In 1989, Denmark became the first European country to legalize same-sex marriage. Homosexual couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

The country of bicycles 

Danes’ favorite vehicle is a bicycle. In Copenhagen, you can rent it for free. In other parts of the country – at a reasonable price.

The longer your store works, the more taxes the owner has to pay

As a rule, the working day of the Danes begins at 8:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. A large number of stores are open until 5.00-6:00, so products are usually purchased on weekends for the whole week. This schedule of stores is due to taxes. The longer the store is open, the more taxes it will have to pay its owner.


The happiest and the most serene people in the world 

 According to research conducted at Leicester University of England, the Danes are the happiest and most serene people in the world!

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