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by Iuliia Kharlamova on June 14, 2019

Unprecedented interest to Rasputin’s personality made his figure world-famous. We here at ULKO Tours have prepared for you a short list of stuff connected with the figure of this mystic holy man of Russia. 

1. Monument to Rasputin in Tyumen  

Картинки по запросу памятник распутину в тюмени

Painted as a bronze, a glass-plastic statue  is located in Russian town Tyumen. Here, in the hospital  Rasputin spent some time after the knife wound.

2. Wax figure

Картинки по запросу распутин юсуповский дворец

The wax figure of Rasputin is waiting for the guests in the Yusupov Palace, St Petersburg. This was the place where Rasputin spent his last  night before the assassination in the year of 1916.

3. Museum

Grigory Rasputin was born and raised up in the Pokrovskoye Village, Tyumen region. Nowadays, this former house is a museum. It was restored and opened to the public recently.

4. Alcoholic drinks

The surname of the most mystic and self-proclaimed Russian holy man, Rasputin, appeared to be the luckiest nickname for producers of whiskey, vodka and beer.

5. Music 

In the year of 1978 disco-band Boney M. released one of its most successful songs – Rasputin.  Other different musicians performed this song as well. For instance, in 2007 Finnish band Turisas released a viking-metal version of the original song.

6. Comic books 

There are several series of comic books dedicated to the character of Rasputin. Truly say, these stories have nothing in common with the reality. The subjects of these comic books remind of mystical fantasy.

7. Signboards

All around the world there are a hundred bars, restaurants and clubs named after Rasputin.



8. Contraceptives

Картинки по запросу распутин презервативы

There is no surprise that one of condom brands was given Rasputin’s name. Since, he is famous as a lovesick seducer whose charms couldn’t resist every single woman.

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