Walking & Driving Tour of Tallinn

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Walking & Driving Tour of Tallinn

This option combines comfortable port pick-up and a private vehicle tour as well as a walking tour in Tallinn, covering both the ancient and the modern parts of the city. Good tour for those who prefer to have comforts of the sightseeing tour of the suburbs by bus and some walking on narrow cobblestone paved streets of the Tallinn Old Town.


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  • City walls of the Old Town
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
  • Dome Church
  • Fat Margaret Tower
  • Great Coastal Gate
  • Kadriorg Palace and Park
  • Kumu Art Museum
  • Parlament Building and Tall Hermann Tower
  • Presidential Palace
  • Russalka Memorial
  • Saint Olaf's Church
  • Song Festival Grounds
  • Tallinn Old Lower Town
  • Estonian National Opera
  • Olympic Regatta Center
  • Europe's oldest pharmacy
  • The Three Sisters
  • Old Town Walking Tour

The fascinating walls of the old town remind us of the middle ages. The numerous towers each have their own history and the unique name. The most famous of those are "Paks Margareeta" (Fat Margaret), Kiek in de Kök (look into the kitchen), Tower behind the tower and many others. Tallinn is one of the very few towns with that large number of the middle age constructions preserved. 

15 minutes

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral stands out from the old town buildings with it's bright color and Byzantine architecture. It's one of the latest constructions of the old city, the Russian Orthodox church, build by the request of Russian Emperor Alexander the 3rd in the 1900. It's located on the high point of the Toompea Hill in front of the Parlament building.

20 minutes

The Dome Church is one of the oldest churches of Tallinn. The church looks very plain and simple with the white walls and small dome, but it has the very long history. It was first mentioned in 1233 and since than it has been one of town's main temples. It's dedicated to Virgin Mary. It has the graves of the prominent peope of 13th-19th centuries.

15 minutes

Fat Margareth (Paks Margareeta) reminds us of the romantic legend of "Estonian Romeo and Juliet" - the story of a pesant boy Herman and firsheman's daughter Margareth. The Tall Herman tower is on the opposite part of the old town, sadly separated from his love for centuries.

15 min (if you don't go inside)

Great Coastal Gate is located in the northern part of the old town. It's the closest gate to the seashore, which explains the origin of the name. The Gate is built next to the Fat Margareth Tower. It's decorated with the dolomite coats of arms of Tallinn and the date the gate was open - 1529.

15 minutes

Kadriorg palace and the park is a great masterpiece from Peter the Great’s times. It bears the name of Peter’s wife Catherine. It’s a beautiful palace in the quite park, located close to the seaside.

1 hour

The contemporary building of the Kumu Art Museum (Kumu Kunstimuuseum) houses one of the largest national art museums of Northern Europe. The building appeared in the beggining of the 21st century to the design of the Finnish architect and was rates as the best museum by the European Museum Forum in 2008.

2 hours

Estonian Parlament building is located next to the walls of the Toompea Castle. It's the active government building, open for the tourists' visits to observe the work of the Parlament from the special balcony. The Tall Hermann (Pikk Herman) Tower is a part of the Parlament building. It's the tallest tower of the Tallinn's city walls.

15 min (if you don't go inside)

For the long time the office of Estonian president was located in the Kadriorg palace. Later the special building was constructed next door to Kadriorg, repeating the design of the old palace. The palace is closed to visitors.

10 minutes

Russalka memorial is an important landmark of the Pirita beach. It honors the Russian warship Russalka, that sank in a severe storm in the Baltics in the end of 19th century.

10 minutes

The white tower of St. Olaf's church is the most distinct landmark of Tallinn. The 123 meter high spire is still the highest structure in the town (except for the TV tower). It's the most popular observation spot of the city. The church has the great acoustics, so it's frequently used for the conserts.

20 minutes

The song festival grounds is a tradition of the Scandinavia countries. The national singing has been a large part of the national culture for centuries, this is why most of the Scandinavian towns will have the area with the good acoustics for the outdoor singing festivals. The Grounds in Tallinn were re-desidned in 1959 with the unique arch shaped stage which enhances the voices of the singers. It is used on the regular basis for full scale of performances from the rock conserts to the folk festivals.

15 minutes

The Tallinn old city center consists of 2 major sections - the Lower Town and the Toompea hill, separated by the fort wall. The lower town is a busy tourist area with narrow streets and old houses. The main attractions of the lower town are the Town Hall Square, Oldest Pharmacy, Church of Saint Olaf, 3 Sisters Buildings. There are numerous restaurants and coffeeshops on the streets of lower town.

1 hour

The theater plays the operas, ballets and musicals, including the world famous performances like "Rigoletto", "Toska", "Swan Lake", "My fair lady". It's the most popular theater of Estonia. The building was designed by the Finnish architect in the beggining of the 20th century.

10 minutes

The Regatta of Moscow 1980th Olympics was organized in Tallinn. The special Regatta complex was constructed at Pirita Beach to provide the accommodation for the participants. The colors of the complex reflect the natural landscape of the area, blending it into the enviroment.

10 minutes

Raeapteek (Town Hall Pharmacy) is one of the oldest continuously running pharmacies in Europe, having always been in business in the same house since the early 15th century. It is also the oldest commercial enterprise and the oldest medical establishment in Tallinn. It's located next to the Town Hall and still preserves the charming medieval spirit with the of jars and herbs, hidden in the large wooden closets.

20 minutes

Three Sisters are 3 identical houses, located in the northern part of the old town on the main street. These are the traditional houses of the merchants, first mentioned in 1362. Since that time 3 sisters were owned by richest and most prominent citizens of Tallinn. 

10 minutes

It is a great way to feet the medieval spirit of Tallinn. Make a stop for the photo at the Tallinn Town Hall - the only remaining gothic town hall in Europe, walk the narrow streets of the old city, have a cup of coffee in the 200 year old coffee shop, walk up to the observation spot with the greatest panorama of the Tallinn bay.

3 hrs

Detailed Program

Time Description
Meeting time: 30 minutes after the ship docks OR at the time specified by your manager.
00:00 - 00:10 Meet your guide and driver outside the main port gate. Please read Tallinn meeting instructions carefully. We will also send you a copy at time of booking. It's better to print them out!
00:10 - 01:30

The guide will pick you up from the cruise port and the tour begins with a drive through the beautiful suburbs of Tallinn. The drive, with short illustrative stops at the most important landmarks, will bring you first through Kadriorg which is a lovely district with wooden houses from Estonian First Republic era. You will see the Kadriorg Park and Palace, KUMU Art Museum, Presidential Palace, Song Festival Grounds, Olympic Village, where in 1980 the Moscow summer Sailing Olympic Regatta took place. Also the tour enables you to see the outskirts of Old Town and realize how the ancient city wall with its towers circled the Upper and Lower Town.

01:30 - 03:30

The bus ride will end in the Upper Town, which has the amazing sights over the city. Alexander Nevskij's Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament and other marvellous buildings will give you the first impression of the Old Town. After descending to the lower town, the guide will show you and tell many interesting stories about the pearls of the ancient Tallinn.

Also you are most welcome to ask your guide about the modern life and most important events in the lives of modern Estonians. 

03:30 The tour ends in the Old Town area and you can freely continue the exploration on your own and do some shopping. Now that you know the most important landmarks of the Old Town – getting back to the ship is fairly easy as the cruise port is really near to the Old Town


  • Professional tour guide for 3,5 hrs 
  • Please choose your language: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Pick-up from port with private vehicle
  • Comfortable A/C vehicle suitable for your private party's size for 1,5 hrs
  • Walking Old Town tour for 2 hrs
  • Smiles and positive experience

NOT Included

  • Tips/Gratuity
  • Any admissions/donations 
  • Drop off at the port by private vehicle
  • Other languages are available on request. A surcharge might apply. Please inquire with our managers.
NOT suitable for people with limited walking ability and wheelchair users.


Please don't be late to meet your guide as your tour will be shortened proportionally.
IMPORTANT: NO refunds for late passengers or for those who don't read their Tallinn meeting instructions and have been waiting at the wrong location.

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