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Antarctic Adventure

Explore the mysterious Northern Russia and discover secrets well-kept. The Russian North – is not only ice and polar bears or the harsh wind and cold sea. The excursion from St. Petersburg to Arkhangelsk will be held in the warmest months of summer during the famous “White Nights”. The farther north we will sail, the longer will be days. During the trip, you can: swim in the largest lakes in Europe, see the White Sea seal, visit ancient monasteries and meet the most beautiful sunrises in the world!

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Detailed Program

What to expect:

24.12.2017 - 13.01.2018
15.01.2018 - 04.02.2018
06.02.2018 - 26.02.2018

Day 1: You will take part in Saint-Petersburg shore stage of Regatta and after the finishing of two days program your voyage will starts with sailing under the opening bridges

Saint-Petersburg. The Neva river. At the end of June the period of so called “White Nights” starts. It is the best time to visit Saint-Petersburg.  Our fleet will sail under the famous opening bridges and we will enjoy the views of this beautiful city from the unusual  angle.

Day 2 - 3: Sailing up the Neva river.  Passage of Fortress Oreshek
   Fortress Oreshek. You will visit the medieval fortress Oreshek, founded in 1323 by Prince Yuri. It is located on a small island in the Neva estuary. The fortress has long been in possession of the Swedes, but in 1702, before the foundation of St. Petersburg, it was won by Peter I. During the Second World War, Fortress Oreshek were holding the  heroic defense for 500 days. We will visit the castle walls and  the museum and see the ancient excavations, new and old prison, where the revolutionaries were kept.

Day 4 - 5:  Passage Fortress Oreshek – Konevetz island – Valaam island

Ladoga lake. Lake Ladoga is the largest freshwater lake in Europe. Since ancient times, its shores were inhabited by people.  Extraordinary landscapes of Ladoga is still pleasing to the eye: the small archipelago, granite cliffs and pine forests, it seems that this places were not reached by  civilization. In addition to its rich history, the lake is famous for its severe temper.

Konevetz island. Valaam island. The Orthodox Monasteries that are situated on Valaam Island and Konevetz Island are the holy places of  Ladoga lake. They were founded around  the same time at the end of  XIV – the beginning of the XV century. During the winter the connection with them is almost impossible. Those, who have ever visited this places will never forget their beauty.

Day 6 - 11: Passage Valaam Island – Kizhi

The Svir River. The Svir River flows into Ladoga lake and connect it with Onega lake. We will pass two locks and will stop in several villages on our way for to see the museum of wooden architecture in Mandrogi village and will visit famous Russian bathhouses.

Onega Lake. Kizhi and petroglyph. Onega lake is the place where sail regattas are often held. It is famous for its numerous islands and unusual micro-climate. The direction of the wind can be changed  there for several times a day. First we will go  to see the famous Onega petroglyphs (ancient rock inscriptions) in the eastern part of the lake, and then will visit the monument of Russian wooden architecture – Kizhi churchyard.  In 1993, it was included in UNESCO World Heritage List. There are 89 wooden buildings of XV – XX centuries on the island.

Day 12 - 16: Passage Kizhi – the White Sea-Baltic Canal – the Solovetsky Islands

The White Sea-Baltic Canal.  The White Sea-Baltic Canal is unique because its history and navigation. The length of the canal is 227 km, it contains 19 locks. It was built in 1930, less than a year, than as the world-famous canals that are less long  were built  for many years. It is difficult to overestimate its importance – the White Sea Canal opens the way to the northern seas.

The White Sea.  The Solovetsky Islands. Sailing on the White Sea you can see the seals, sea waves and sunsets of extraordinary beauty. We will make a stop on one of the islands of the  Solovetskyarchipelago.  Will visit Solovetsky monastery that was founded in the middle of  XV century. The history of the monastery is so varied and rich, that it is difficult to fit in one tour. After a rest we will sail further towards  the river Dvina.

Day 17 - 19: Passage the Solovetsky Islands – Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelsk. In Arkhangelsk the celebration in honor of our arrival will be held. In the city there are many old wooden houses – you can see them,walking on the central part. Not far away  the unique museum Malye Karely is situated. In Arkhangelsk we will meet the participants of the second arctic stage of the Regatta  «AdventureRace 80 dg» and will give them  a send-off  to the North with the sail parade.
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2017 - 2018 DEPARTURE DATES:

  • 24.12.2017 - 13.01.2018
  • 15.01.2018 - 04.02.2018
  • 06.02.2018 - 26.02.2018

Sailing experience is not required!

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Please note that voyage duration can be longer due to weaher conditions. Plan your visa duration accordingly! 

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