Shantar Islands: Expedition to the Archipelago of Discoveries

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Shantar Islands: Expedition to the Archipelago of Discoveries
Some journeys change life, and this is truly the case. The small dot on the world map is hardly visible for most of people, the remoteness of the most popular touristic attractions made them wild and untouched.
The route: Moscow – Khabarovsk – Briakan – Shantar Islands – Briakan – Khabarovsk – Moscow / St Petersburg
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Detailed Program
What to expect:

11.07.2017 - 22.07.2018
18.07.2017 - 29.07.2018
 02.08.2017 - 13.08.2018

The tour start by a meeting at the airport of Khabarovsk, where you must travel to on your own (at least one day prior to the scheduled). We can help with the purchase of the tickets.

Day 0:  Departure from Moscow by straight flight to Khabarovsk    

Day 1:   Arrive in Khabarovsk. Drive to Briakan village
   Meet upon arrival & join to the group.
Please be rprepared for the long bus transfer through the night to Briakan village - the transit point of our expedition.
The bus journey will cover around 700 kms. (400 kms. sealed road, then 300 kms by track road).

Day 2:  Helicopter transfer to Onchagan camp
   The day starts with a 1.5-hour helicopter flight to the Onchagan camp.
The Onchagan Bay is in the Tugursky peninsula. This landscape, complete with a large lake with a river flowing from it, is really picturesque. Red fish go to this river for spawning and whales come occasionally to the bay. One can also find bears and foxes there. The bay is protected from winds, so it's quiet there.
A boat will get you to the closest islands in just five minutes. Here you'll relax and have a dinner.

Days 3: Nasha Bay

You'll go to the bay of the Bolshoy Shantar island, stopping en route to marvel at the most wonderful places.
Going along the shores of the islands, you'll see bears that come onshore to fish.

Day 4:  Present and Past of Shantars  

Local meteorological station on Big Shantar Island
You will meet the only 4 human inhabitants of the archipelago. They keep the record of the weather and transfer the data to the mainland.
Remnants of the whale blubber processing plant
A small factory was located not far away from the meteo station. It used to transform the whale fat into oil. Nowadays only iron frames remind about the huge construction located there.

Day 5:  Utichiy (Duck) island

Transfer to the Utichiy (Duck) island. Observation of the seals and birds rookeries.
The length of the island is 2.5km, while the width is only 500m. The biggest colony of spectacled guillemot on the archipelago are located here. Last time this birds were counted, the colony had 17 500 pairs of birds.

Day 6:  Move westwards  

Expedition to the Tungur bay. The Tugur peninsula stretches into Okhotsk sea on the Western part of the island. It separates the Tungur bay from  Ulban and Academy bays. The landscape is mountainous and picturesque. Visit the Academy bay. The large bay is divided in several smaller bays. The depth reaches up to 45 m.

Day 7:  Belichy and Ptichy Islands

First you'll come to the Belichy Island. It is about 70 sq.m. in area, 20 km in length, and 1,5 to 7 km in width. The Lindholm Strait separates it from the mainland, and the Opasny Strait separates it from the Maly Shantar Island. Larch forests cover this island. Together with the neighboring islands, it is a part of the State Natural Reserve of Federal Significance "The Shantar Islands".

Afterwards you'll go to the Ptichy Island. It's a small one, just 2,5 km long and 1,5 km wide. The beautiful shore is littered with shipwrecks, with the gorgeous boulders standing along it. The firn field is the gem of the island. Here you'll see large colonies of spectacled guillemot and other birds.

Day 8:   Resting in the Ongachan Bay

On this day you won't leave the camp; instead, you'll watch whales, seals, bears, and foxes right there, or you can go fishing. Sauna is also an option.

Day 9:  Departure from Ongachan

A flight back to Briakan.

Day 10: Arrival to Khabarovsk

Bus transfer to Khabarovsk
Day 11:  Reserve day

The weather on the Far East is unpredictable, so we leave an extra day. Normally we spend the day in Khabarovsk, exploring the city. 

Day 12: Tour concludes

Transfer to airport. Departure home
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  • Flight to Khabarovsk, starting at 20,000 RUB for a round-trip ticket
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NOT suitable for people with limited walking ability and wheelchair users.

  • 11.07 - 22.08.2018, cost of tour $ 4 300 USD pp.
  • 18.08 - 29.08.2018, cost of tour $ 3 590 USD pp.
  • 02.08 - 13.08.2018, cost of tour $ 3 590 USD pp.

The tour start by a meeting at the airport of Khabarovsk, where you must travel to on your own. We can help with the purchase of the tickets.

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