Meet Our Guides

All ULKOtours guides have been though 6+ month extensive training program at specialized guiding schools, have studied hard to obtain their museum licenses (and still pass exams every year to renew them) and have gone through the official St. Petersburg Government Accreditation. Most of our guides have been working in tourism industry for at least 4 years and are excited to share their passion for St. Petersburg with you.

Our guides speak all major world languages:

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin).

Other languages are available upon request.

Marianna (English)

Hello ! My name is Marianna. I love guiding very much and it is a great pleasure for me to share my love to Saint-Petersburg with my beloved tourists. I graduated from Pedagogical University by Alexander Pushkin, the tourism faculty and finished the courses for professional English speaking guides. I have been working for Ulko Tours since 2008 and I can definitely say that guiding is the most enjoyable job I could ever imagine because I have a great chance to tell people about our incredible city with its wonderful history, culture, architecture. Every day I walk in the most gorgeous Royal Palaces and Gardens, admire the beauty of this fantastic city. It is so interesting for me to meet people from all over the world, share my thoughts with them, discuss the difference between people's every day life in Russia and other countries. In a off touristic season I also work as a teacher of English language in International School of Languages and give private lectures for students. In a spare time I love dancing Argentinian tango, love carving on vegetables and fruits, snowboarding in a winter time, painting with oil on a canvas. But I would say that my most favourate hobby is guiding!

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Marina (English)

My name is Marina Ermolenko. Being a guide is my second profession. My main profession is accountant. One day I felt bored to sit in an office all the time and I decided to try something else. Today I’m very happy with my decision as I feel deep satisfaction each time I take my clients on tours. This job gives me a chance to meet new people from all around the word, which is certainly exciting. In addition, I love Russian history, especially the history of Saint Petersburg, and I like to share my knowledge with my clients. I think the main task for us guides is to try to convey to our guests not only the beauty of our city and distinctive character of Russian history and traditions, but the world-famous Russian hospitality. Then they want to come back again and again.:)

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Margarita (English)

Dear friends!
I would like to welcome you to my native city - St. Petersburg.
I was born in this city and I have spent here all my life, so I know and love it!
I travel a lot, but for me St. Petersburg is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world - mysterious and romantic, imperial and charming, buzzing in the day time and quiet during its White Nights. It provides you with unique travelling experience as it is rich in all possible attractions and amenities.
I will be happy to share my knowledge with you. Being a native of St. Petersburg, I will try to show you the most exciting and intriguing parts of my beloved city. I graduated from St. Petersburg State University and my first major was the English language. However, my everlasting interest in art and history eventually brought me to the Academy of Fine Arts. So, today, being an art historian (PhD in Art History), I will be happy to introduce you to the treasures of the Hermitage Museum and my favourite Russian Museum, the riches of the former imperial residences of Peterhoff and Tsars’ Village and the serene beauty of Pavlovsk. I have been doing guiding for almost twenty years, so, I hope , my experience will also help you to enjoy your trip to St. Petersburg.

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Nadya (English)

My name is Nadya. I'm 28. It's 9 years since I started to work as an English tour guide in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I've been working for UlkoTours for 4 years. My hobbies are languages (English, German and Japanese), music and sport. My favorite sport is Kendo. It’s a modern Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship and uses bamboo swords and protective armour. I practice Kendo 3 times a week. When I have free time I also play keyboard.
I moved to Saint Petersburg in 2006 to enter the Saint Petersburg State University. I graduated from the University in 2011 and started to work in the College of Building Industry and City Economy. During the school year I teach English to future builders and architects and in the summer I work as a local tour guide.

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Ksenia (English)

Hello everyone!
My name is Ksenia and I love travelling, meeting new people all around the world. I've been working as a guide since 2011.
When I first came here 10 years ago, I was absolutely charmed by the beauty of the so-called cultural capital of our country, by its history and atmosphere. So, I decided to move here and graduated Saint Petersburg State University with a degree in linguistics. I enjoyed showing my friends around the city, so very soon I realised that I wanted to turn this hobby into my profession.
I'd be glad to show you the most fascinating spots of St. Petersburg, things that personally I fell in love with. Together we can explore this wonderful place and make your journey here unforgettable!

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Liz (English)

Born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, I grew up with having a passion for history, language and literature of my country. I graduated from the university where I studied foreign languages and while getting educated, I was eager to become a tour guide. So after taking a tour guide course in Intourist, my dream came true - now I'm an official tour guide. This amazing job gives me a chance to meet people from different parts of the world, people from different cultures and with different personalities. It also provides me with an opportunity to show and share with them the unforgettable beauty and rich history of my beloved city. I'm deeply convinced that Saint-Petersburg is a city with its own soul and spirit, and I am doing my best to pass this feeling on to our tourists and guests.

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Konstantin (German)

Ich heiße Danilov Konstantin, wurde 1983 in Leningrad geboren, habe die Schule mit erweitertem Deutschunterricht beendet: 8 Jahre lang habe Deutsch studiert, und spreche deutsch fließend.. Ich habe Hochschulbildung, akademische Würde (akademischen Titel) - Kandidat der Wissenschaften. Ich habe auch Touristenkurse beendet, seitdem bin ich offiziell deutscher Reiseführer in Sankt-Petersburg und seine Vororte, hauptberuflich bin ich deutscher Reiseführer.

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Ksenia Pugacheva (English)

Hello, my name is Ksenia. I was born in St. Petersburg and have lived all my life here. I graduated from Herzen State University with public relations as my major. My main hobby is soccer. I’m a professional soccer referee since 2010. I’m also a mother, I have 2 little noisy kids (Ekaterina (4 y.o.) and Ivan ( 1 y.o.) as of 2017), who are my everything, who make me the happiest person in the world.
Initially I wanted to work in a sports sphere, since I love sports, especially soccer, very much. But the fate prepared another way for me – I have started to work in the tour company, which has become my second home – UlkoTours. I have been working here as a customer service manager since 2014 and I love my job very much. My main task is to customize exclusive tour programs to suit our clients’ personal needs the best way. But I have realized that I want to have face to face communication with people with whom I communicate via email sometimes for very long time (from 1 month to 1 year and even longer!). So I took guiding courses. Now I’m a licensed tour guide and I’m ready to share not only my knowledge with you, but mainly my passion and love for my native city. St. Petersburg is not only a complex of beautiful architectural ensembles created by the best European and Russian architects, it also has its own soul. When you feel it, you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with this city!
I would be very happy to customize an itinerary for you first, and then make it come true as a tour guide!

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Natalia (German)

Gruss aus Sankt-Petersburg
Mein Name ist Natalia . Seit 2003 arbeite ich als lizenzierte Fremdenfuhrerin Lizenzprufungen an allen wichtigsten Museen in Sankt -Petersburg und vororten Museen von St Petersburg :Peterhof , Zarskoje Selo,Pawlowsk
Berufserfahrung als Fremdenfuhrerin mit deutscher Sprache ,Diplom -Linguistik

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Elena Goryshkina (Spanish, Portuguese, English)

¡Hola! Me llamo Elena y soy guia-interprete. Nací en San Petersburgo y terminé aquí la Universidad Estatal. Hablo español, portugués, inglés y un poco de turco. Trabajo de guía desde 2004 y sí que adoro mi profesión. Soy una guia certificada por el Ministerio deTurismo de Gobierno de San Petersburgo. Para mí es la profesión que permite ampliar nuevos horizontes, conocer gente nueva y aprender siempre algo curioso e interesante. Me encanta trabajar con grupos grandes y pequeños, mostrar la ciudad de forma tradicionales y no, resolver problemas presentes y aprender algo nuevo;)


Ola! Chamo-me Elena. Sou guia de São Petersburgo desde 2004. Falo espanhol, português, inglês. Adoro muito a minha cidade e com muito gosto vou mostrar os seus monumentos e palácios maravilhosos;)

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Tatiana (English)

Russia is my country and Saint-Petersburg is my hometown! Being the native of this magnificent city I will be happy to share with you all my love and passion for it's charm, beauty, great history and wonderful people. I've been working as a professional guide interpreter for more than twenty five years and I never get tired of introducing my beloved city to our guests and at the same time enjoy the opportunity to discover it's magic again and again, as with every new guest I get the chance to see it as if for the first time. Being a guide I hosted a lot of different people from different countries, people of different professions and interests, people of different ages and cultures, -professors and students, farmers and high ranked politicians, celebrities and housewives, CEOs and sportsmen, archbishops and just parishioners - and nobody could stay indifferent to the splendor of this city!
Welcome to Saint-Petersburg! Please, come! We'll do our best, we'll go far and beyond to make your visit exciting and unforgettable!

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Daria (English, Spanish)

Long ago, when I was a small girl,I stayed at home with my granny. We spent much time together without doing anything particular. You know, simple games for simple kids. As I didn't go to the nursery I desperately needed some occupation. I was bad at music, as well as art, not very good at dancing or singing. So By occasion my granny decided to learn English with me(yes, I'm not mistaken, she didn't speak the language at all). So we took a book and started learning it. All of a sudden it turned out that I was better at this subject. That's how my destiny was predetermined, I was obsessed with English. It was my favorite subject at school which turned into the business of the life. In addition, I'm obsessed with history and art, enjoy meeting new people and by occasion live in the most beautiful city in the world ( no offense;-) )
So, I decided to combine all these aspects and become a guide. Now I can hardly imagine my life without it!;-)
Anytime you want to touch the history and art of our city, explore the wonderful streets and avenues, feel local lifestyle, learn how Russians live...oh, those Russians;-)
I'm here to help you


Buenos días,señores y señoritas, muchachos y muchachas, caballeros y damas.
Me llamo Daria, vivo en una de las ciudades más bonitas de todo el mundo, la maravillosa San Petersburgo.
Ya llevo trabajando de guía aquí 6 años como mínimo. Y no me pararé nunca! No solo me gusta pasear por las calles y visitar los museos como El Ermitage o El Palacio de Catalina, pero comunicar con otras naciones y compartir mi cultura y la vida rusa con ellas.
Cuando les guste pasar sus vacaciones en mi ciudad natal, les puedo ayudar con sonrisa y hospitalidad peterbuguensa!

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Isabella (English)

Hi !
My name is Izabella, and I have been guiding for 12 years.
I must say that I am a very lucky person, because my job is a pure pleasure indeed. It is a great delight to spend days with my guests visiting gorgeous palaces, beautiful parks and making arrangements for them to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world.Meeting people of different age,nationality, professions that’s what makes my day-to day duties exciting.Art and people that’s what you never get bored with.
Being an art historian and art curator, I particularly enjoy to share my knowledge and appreciation of art and culture with travelers.
I am a traveler myself. I have lived in China, organized 16 art shows there.I have lived in United States.I was working for concierge service "Quintessentially "in London ,and as an experienced traveler I know that visiting new cities, getting acknowledged with other cultures, languages, customs – is one of the most amazing things in life.
This is the reason why I try to make visits to St.Petersburg for the guests of the city, not just as if it is another tour, but to create a lifetime experience.

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Sonia (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

To be honest with you, my dear Russia-explorers, I have never been a huge fan of long, tedious, monotonous sightseeing, as well as you, I believe. I love russian art and history and prefer introducing people to these subjects in an entertaining way, so you would have the brightest impression of the country. I believe I can make our interesting for everyone, according to what you prefer.
Living in Saint-Petersburg I found a lot of fabulous places hidden from tourists and even some of the locals. When I became a guide I got a great opportunity and reach for interested people to show them both hidden and well known treasures of this huge open-air museum, we call Saint-Petersburg!          


Igual você, eu não sou uma grande fã das visitas cansativas e monótonas dos museus. Eu adoro o arte e a história Rússia e prefiro introduzir gente a estes assuntos de uma maneira viva e ativa.
Morando em São Petersburgo Eu achei um monte de lugares fabulosos escondidos dos turistas e até mesmo dos locais pouco curiosos. Todos juntos vamos conhecer aqui todo o melhor que oferece esse enorme museu ao ar livre, que nós chamamos São Petersburgo!

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Elena Sharina (English)

I was born in the oldest Russian town, Novgorod the Great, where I absorbed profound lessons from our history. My majors at the university were English and French. I spent one year in London improving my language skills. After graduation I also studied economics but very soon I realized that it's not my cup of tea. So therefore I've decided to dedicate my life to something that I really like - art and languages. I'll be happy to share my knowledge with you showing you around magnificent Saint Petersburg.

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Narine (French, Armenian)

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Nariné. Guide -c' est ma deuxième profession. Etant musicienne de formation (faculté de théorie de la musique au Concervatoire), j'ai changé de metier une fois et n'en regrette jamais. Le metier qui me permet d'être toujours en contact avec les touristes francophones du monde entier, de partager mes connaissances d'histoire de St Petersbourg et d'être entourée de beauté: soit des palais magnifiques , soit des jardins splendides. Je suis heureuse d'être tombée amoureuse de St Petersbourg et d'avoir la chance d'en parler et partager cet amour.

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Alice (Portuguese, English)

Olá! Meu nome é Alice, sou guia oficial da cidade de São Petersburgo e região. Estudei português na faculdade de letras da Universidade Estatal de São Petersburgo. Trabalho especificamente com português para brasileiros.
Eu sou uma russa com alma tupiniquim e vim para São Petersburgo especialmente para trabalhar com brasileiros. Eu amo esta cidade e espero apresentá-la de um jeito divertido e interessante.

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Yulia (English)

Hi, my name is Yulia.
I was born on the outskirts of this great city and I clearly remember the magic feeling when my parents came up to Saint Petersburg on business and brought me with them. I was too little to understand the history and significance of Saint Petersburg. But at that very moment I realized: there's something special about this city, every stone on the pavement knows some secrets, every embankment witnessed crucial junctures of history.
Created on the marshy grounds by the will of only one man this place has a temper! Saint Petersburg is a city-legend, a city with unbendable spirit and grace.
The history of the giant Empire was developing here during two centuries! World famous scientists, writers, composers, ballet dancers walked these streets and created their marvelous masterpieces here. I want you to feel yourself a part of this history too!
Let's explore, let's get the breathtaking experience, come with me and I'll open this treasure box for you!

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Anastacia (Portuguese, English)

O meu nome é Anastácia, sou guia turística e tradutora na cidade de São Petersburgo, Rússia.
Eu nasci em São Petersburgo e moro aqui toda minha vida, para mim seria um prazer mostrar a minha cidade preferida para vocês, responder às perguntas sobre a história, arte, cultura e vida na Rússia e revelar os segredos da minha cidade natal.
São Petersburgo é a cidade histórica repleta de museus, palácios e igrejas. Eu sou a guia licenciada em vários pontos turísticos de destaque em São Petersburgo, nomeadamente a Fortaleza de São Pedro e São Paulo, a Catedral de Santo Isaac, a Igreja de Sangue Derramado, o Ermitage e o Museu de Fabergé. Quanto aos subúrbios, eu faço as excurções a Pushkin (ou Tsárskoye Sélo), Pavlovsk e Peterhof. Além disso eu faço city-tors à pé e de carro e organizo passeios de barco.
Formei-me na Faculdade de Letras da Universidade Estatal de São Petersburgo, além de português (europeu e brasileiro) eu domino inglês e entendo francês e espanhol.
Estou esperando por vocês aqui no Capital do Norte da Rússia, que sejam bem-vindos!


My name is Anastacia and I am an experienced tour guide and translator in St. Petersburg, Russia.
I have been working with tourists from all over the world, and I have learnt a little bit from every guest that I’ve helped out starting with sunny Indians and ending with a vast scale of American citizens from different states. St. Petersburg is my hometown and I will be pleased to show you its highlights and what I love in it, satisfy your demands and answer the questions you have regarding Russian history, art, city life, or city secrets. I lead tours to various St. Petersburg museums, palaces and churches including The Peter and Paul’s Fortress, St. Isaacs Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, the State Hermitage Museum, Fabergé Museum, The Museum of Music in the Sheremetev Palace. What is more, I work as a guide in the suburbs of St. Petersburg namely Peterhof (The Peterhof Palace and the parks), Pushkin or Tsarskoye Selo (The Catherine’s palace and the parks) and Pavlovsk (The Paul’s palace and the park). I do the city tours on a car/ a bus or on foot as well as boat trips.
I’ve finished the faculty of Philology in St. Petersburg State University specializing in languages and literature, apart from English I also speak Portuguese and I understand French and Spanish.
I’m looking forward to meet you in the Northern Capital of Russia, don’t forget your good mood!

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Albina (Chinese, English)

Hello! Welcome to our charming city of Saint-Petersburg! My name is Albina and I'm a local tour guide.
I'm a graduate of the oldest Russian university — Saint Petersburg State University and my major was the Japanese language which determined my interest to foreign languages. Already at school I started leading tours for the guests of our city and by now I have a 5 year experience of tour guiding.
Most of all, I enjoy making people happy and my job offers me a great opportunity in it. I also like sharing my knowledge about the city and its people with my guests and give them a taste of a real Russian life in the Northern Venice. So, let us make your trip of a lifetime and explore something new about mysterious Russian soul and the biggest country in the world.
My spheres of interest are the history of Saint Petersburg, Russian history in faces, history of Russian wars, Soviet history, international relations of Russia, Russian politics, Russian cuisine, Russian culture, economical and social life of Russia.


大家好!欢迎来到圣彼得堡!我叫 爱娜,我是当地英文和中文导游。

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Maria (French, English)

My name is Maria, or Masha – the most traditional Russian name.
I’m 34 years old, but nobody believes me! I think it’s my job that keeps me so young - guiding is a very creative and dynamic activity. It’s my true vocation. Every day I enjoy walking through beautiful gardens, visiting priceless museums and talking to people from all over the world… and I also have to find quick solutions to unexpected situations that may arise, which is a kind of training too, it helps to keep my mind open and alive.
Besides giving tours of St. Petersburg, I’m a teacher of French and English. I started working at St. Petersburg State University once I graduated from Philological Faculty, but now I’m mostly dealing with children and teenagers, and I love them! I hope my little son will easily learn languages with my help.
Come to St Petersburg, and we’ll surely become friends!


Je m’appelle Maria ou Macha – le prénom russe le plus courant.
J’ai 34 ans, mais personne ne me croit ! Je pense que c’est mon métier qui me conserve si jeune, parce qu’être guide est une activité très crétrice et dynamique. C’est ma vocation. Tous les jours j’ai le plaisir de me balader dans de jolis jardins, visiter des musées de renommée mondiale et de rencontrer des gens du monde entier... Et je dois aussi trouver des solutions pour des situations inattendues qui peuvent survenir ce qui est aussi une sorte d’entraînement pour mon cerveau.
En dehors du tourisme, je suis professeur de français et d’anglais. J’ai d’abord travaillé à l’Université d’Etat de Saint Pétersbourg parce que je l’avais terminée, mais maintenant j’enseigne principalement des enfants et des adolescents. Je les adore ! J’espère que mon petit va aussi apprendre facilement les langues étrangères avec mon aide.
Venez à Saint Pétersbourg, et nous deviendrons certainement des amis !

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Irina (Spanish, Italian, French, English)

I have worked as a guide for more than twenty years. For me, a guiding is not just a job – it is my inspiration,my calling! It is a great chance to combine my two university diplomas – in foreign languages and in art history. Besides, I am a friendly, sociable person and love to meet people! I hate a word “client” - every tourist is a guest and I should do my best to make his stay in Saint Petersburg wonderful. I believe, I know and understand my city very well - its past and its present, its daily life, habits and tastes of its inhabitants. My favorite guided tours – in the museums of Arts: the Hermitage, the Russian museum, the Faberge museum. I can talk about paintings, statues, applied arts for hours! Also, I am an author of several “special interest tours”, such as 'The Romanovs”, “The foreigners in Saint Petersburg”, “The Russian Revolution”, “ Palaces and parks”, “ Made in SPB” …
My hobbies – going to yoga classes, to classical and jaz music concerts. Since my chilhood I have written poetry...


He estado trabajando como guía de más de veinte años. Para mí, es más que una profesión - es mi vocación, mi inspiración. Lo más importante - puedo combinar dos mis diplomas universitarios: en el área de lenguas extranjeras y de la historia del arte. Soy abierta, amistosa. Me gusta socializar con diferentes personas. Odio la palabra "cliente" - para mí, todos los turistas son invitados de mi país, de mi ciudad. Siempre trato de hacer el viaje a san Petersburgo inolvidable.Estoy segura de que conozco y entiendo mi ciudad, su pasado, su presente, las costumbres de sus habitantes. realizo visitas guidadas en muchos museos y palacios de la ciudad y sus afueras. Sobre todo, me encantan excursiones en el Ermitage, el Museo Ruso, el Museo Fabergé. Puedo contar sobre la pintura, la escultura, las artes decorativas durante horas. Además, soy autor de muchos programas turisticos: "Los Romanov", "Los extraneros en San Petersburgo", La Revolución Rusa", "La Venecia del Norte", "Made in SPB", "La vida cotidiana y festiva"...De costumbres, estoy muy ocupada: enseño idiomas, escribo artículos,doy conferencias sobre el arte, realizo excurciónes - pero, siempre encuentro el tiempo para mi familia, para las clases de yoga, para escuchar conciertos de música clásica y de jazz.


Ho lavorato come guida più di venti anni. Per me, non è solo una professione. Questa è la mia vocazione e la mia ispirazione. La cosa più importante - posso unire due diplomi dell"università: nel campo delle lingue straniere e storia dell"arte. Sono aperta, amichevole. Mi piace comunicare con persone diverse. Odio la parola "cliente". Per me, tutti i turisti sono ospiti del mio paese e la mia città. Io cerco sempre di fare il viaggio a San Pietroburgo indimenticabile. Sono certa che conosco e capisco la mia città, il suo passato e presente; il carattere e le abitudini dei suoi abitanti. Faccio visite guidate in molti musei della città e la periferia. In particolare, mi piacciono le escursioni nel museo dell"Ermitage, il Museo Russo, il Museo Fabergé. Potrei parlare di pittura, scultura, arti applicate durante le ore! Inoltre, sono l"autore di molti speciali programmi turistici: "I Romanov", "Gli stranieri a San Pietroburgo", " La Revoluzione Russa", " La Venezia del Nord", " Made in SPB", " La vita quotidiana e festiva"... Di solito, sono molto impegnata - insegno lingue, scrivo articoli, faccio visite guidate - però, trovo sempre il tempo per la mia famiglia, per fare yoga, per andare ai concerti di musica classica e jazz


Je travaille comme guide de plus de vingt ans. Pour moi, ce n"est pas just un travail. C"est ma vocation, mon inspiration. Le plus iportant - je peux combiner deux mes diplômes universitaires: dans le domaine des langues étrangères et l"histoire de l"art. Je suis ouverte, conviviale,optimiste. J"aime communiquer avec des personnes différentes/ Je déteste le mot"client". Pour moi, tous les tourists sont les invités de mon pays et de ma ville! J"essaie toujours de faire le voyage à Saint-Pétersbourg inoubliable.Je suis persuadée que je connais et comprend ma ville, son passé et son présent, le caractére et les coutumes de ses habitants. Je fais des visites guidées dans les musées et palais de la ville et de sa banlieu. Particulièrement, j"aime des excursions dans l"Hermitage, dans le Musée Russe, dans le Musée de Fabergé. Je pourrais parler pendant des heures sur la peinture, la sculpture, les arts appliqués. En outre, je suis l"auteur de nombreux spéciaux programmes touristiques: "Les Romanov","Les étrangers à Saint-Pétersbourg","La Révolution Russe","La Venise du Nord","Made in SPB", "La vie quotidienne et festive"...Habituellement, je suis très occupée - j"enseigne les langues, j:écris des articles sur l"art, je donne des conférences, je fais des visites guidées - mais je trouve toujours du temps pour ma famille, pour pratiquer le yoga, pour aller aux concerts de musique classique et jazz.

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Aida (French)

Bonjour à tous et à toutes! Je m`appelle Aida, j`ai 25 ans, je suis prof de français et il n`y a pas longtemps que je suis devenue guide locale francophone de Saint-Pétersbourg, j`adore cette ville splendide qui a une riche histoire qui est née en 1703 et avait joué le rôle principal dans l`histoire de l`Empire Russe. J`adore me promener au centre-ville, visiter les musées, les cathédrales, les petites rues de la « Venise du Nord », partager mes connaissances avec les invités de notre belle ville en leur laissant les meilleurs souvenirs et les plus chaudes impressions de Saint-Pétersbourg et de la Russie en général.

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Elena M (German)

Ich heiße Elena und bin in St. Petersburg 1973 geboren. Vier Generationen meiner Famlie lebten in dieser Stadt. 1991 absolvierte ich die Schule N 75 mit erweitertem Deutschunterricht. 1991 – 1996 studierte ich Germanistik und Anglistik an der Philologischen Fakultät der Sankt-Petersburger Universität. 1996 verteidigte ich meine Diplomarbeit zum Thema «Zur Frage der stilistischen und lexikalischen Besonderheiten des deutschen Barocksonetts des 17. Jh. (am Beispiel der Sonette von Andreas Gryphius und Paul Fleming)». 1996 – 2013 war ich als Hochschullehrerin an der Philologischen Fakultät tätig und erteilte Deutschunterricht an der Fakultät für Geschichte der Sankt-Petersburger Universität. Im März 1997 hielt ich einen Vortrag zum Thema meiner Diplomarbeit im Institut der Russischen Literatur der Akademie der Wissenschaften Russlands. Zu dieser Zeit war ich in der wissenschaftlichen Arbeit engagiert und veröffentlichte mehrere Artikel über die Geschichte der deutschen Dichtkunst (zwei Artikel waren dem deutschen Barocksonett und zwei andere – dem Schaffen von J.W. v. Goethe gewidmet), drei Überesetzungen auf dem historischen («Eupraxia-Adelheid. Eine biographische Annäherung» von Hartmut Rüß (Rossica antiqua, 2010/2) und museologischen Gebiet aus dem Deutschen ins Russische in Zusammenarbeit mit V. Ananjev und zwei Überesetzungen auf dem historischen Gebiet aus dem Russischen ins Deutsche (Zusammenfassung zum Buch «Die Rus’, Byzanz und Westeuropa um die Wende des 12. und 13. Jahrhundert» von A. Majorov (Studiorum slavicorum orbis, 2011) und «Die vergessene Sache des Sieges. Die Geburtsurkunde des Blokadenwelpen» v. Elena Tipikina (wird gedruckt)). Seit 2015 arbeite ich ständig als Dolmetscherin auf dem Gebiet der Tiermedizin und Kynologie, seit 2017 bin ich als Reiseleiterin in Sankt Petersburg tätig.

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