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Rosa & Edgar said it all in their testimonial. As the "2 other passengers from the ship," we completely agree! Our Ulko Tour was great. Our guide, Diana, and our driver, Sergey, were friendly and very professional. We highly recommend Ulko Tours. And, don't be intimidated by warnings that you won't be able to get off the ship without a visa or official ship's tour. You U.S. Passport and tour ticket issued by an authorized Russian tour company, such as Ulko, works just fine. Ours was the "GDT Intensive Tour" - you'll be hard pressed to find any other tour that offers so much of St. Petersburg for such a good price. Obviously we were all very happy we choose Ulko!

Dick & Marianne Spagna
Russian Federal Registry of Tour Operators Baltic Cruise Association - Uniting Baltic travel experts for the benefit of all!

Saint Petersburg Additional Tour Options

Want something unusual and off the beaten track?

Have a look at our Additional tour options!



Evening entertainment

Russian Folk-Show

Opera/Ballet evening


evening tour options
The Nutcraker
Vodka tasting

Folk-show 'Russian Souvenir'

Night-time boat tour

Classical Music Concert

night boat tour
classical music concert 



Special Interest

Religious Tours

Jewish Tours

WWII & Military tours

Religious Tours
jewish heritage tours
WWII tours


Cultural Tours

Faberge Museum

Hermitage Storage Center

Imperial Porcelain Factory

Faberge Egg
hermitage storage

 Child-Friendly Tours

Matreshka Painting

Russian Fairytale House

Angry Birds Activity Park

Paint your own matryoshka-doll Russian Fairy Tale House
angry birds activity park


Family Fun Tours

Cooking Masterclass

Ballet Masterclass

Soviet Arcade Machines

Private cooking class ballet
The arcade game

Segway Tours

Raketa Watch Factory

Segway tours
Raketa Watch Factory


 Local Experience

Meal with a Russian Family

Ride Local Train (Elektrichka)

Russian Banya

Meal with a Russian Family
Russian Train
Russian Banya


Special Arrangements

Retro Car Rental

Roof Date

Horse-driven carriage

GAZ 21 Volga


Roof Date


Winter carriage ride