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I just want to add to what my husband already said. We had a WONDERFUL time and it was due in large part to our delightful guide Diana. Our visit was so full of amazing sights, but one thing it didn't have was stress! Diana helped us circumvent long lines and made sure we saw everything on our wish list. Talking with others on the cruise ship later we found out that they saw very little because of the crowds. So glad that we were lucky enough to be with Ulko tours Can't thank you enough :) Suzie Stewart

Suzie Stewart
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Jewish St. Petersburg Tours

Grand Choral Synagogue in St. PetersburgIf you are interested in the Jewish history of Saint Petersburg, we will be happy to enhance your tour experience by adding a Jewish note to your city tour and a free visit to the Grand Choral Synagogue.  You will learn about the life of the Jewish community in St. Petersburg during the present and the past. There are many interesting sights including the old district of Kolomna, which was the center of Jewish life in the 19th century. It was here that the Grand Choral Synagogue was built between 1880 and 1888, and consecrated in 1893. After the 5 million dollar donation by the Safra family in 1999, the reconstruction of the Grand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg was made between 2000 and 2005. Now, the Synagogue is certainly a registered landmark and an architectural monument of federal importance.

Jewish St. Petersburg toursJewish St. Petersburg toursDownload page 1 and page 2 in pdf format


Meeting with a Jewish Community Member (additional fee)Jewish St. Petersburg tours


No one can tell you more about the life of the Jewish Community in St. Petersburg than a Jewish Community member! And to make your experience even more special, this community member is the cantor himself – Gregory Yakerson. You will surely be delighted to meet this charming, open hearted man who will passionately tell you about the ups and downs of the community life, will reveal tragic stories about the World War II, and the long and hard process of the revival of Jewish culture in Russia. This is not a meeting to be missed, for sure.


Private Concert of Jewish Music  (additional fee) Grand Choral Synagogue in St. Petersburg

Music is an integral part of Jewish rites and liturgy. Traditionally, a Jewish prayer service is chanted. Cantor is a person who leads the public service at the synagogue and is specially trained in the art of Jewish music and liturgy.

The Cantor concert is a treat and a real cultural experience for those interested in Jewish culture and musical tradition.

We invite you to enjoy a private concert performed by cantor Gregory Yakerson and Men`s  Choir of the Grand Choral  Synagogue.

Upon request, and orchestrated concert with Jewish traditional music ensemble «KLE-ZEMER» (St.-Petersburg) can be arranged, too.


Yesod – Jewish Cultural Center  (additional fee)

YESOD in Hebrew means foundation – the first-rate, central hub of Jewish life in the cosmopolitan city of St. Petersburg, Russia. It is a beautiful modern building, built in 2005 and during the years of its existence became the home of many Jewish organizations (there are 40 of them in our city).

YESOD offers various cultural, educational, social and community programs, as well as multiple projects aimed at the revival of the Jewish self-identity, affiliation with the values and traditions of Judaism and the creation of a spiritual connection with the state of Israel. Jewish Cultural centerYESOD of St. Petersburg is sponsored by the American Joint Distribution Committee.


Ethnography Museum – Jewish Section  (additional fee)

Jewish section of the Russian Museum of Ethnography tells you about the history and culture of the Jewish people on the territory of Russia. This permanent exhibition was opened in 2007 after the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin discussed this initiative with the Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon during their meeting in 2003. You will learn about the origins and traditions of the various Jewish Diasporas, as well as will see numerous historical items, like Torah scrolls, a seven-lamped menorah, historical religious books, manuscripts, photographs and examples of traditional Jewish clothing.